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Growing IQ - Levels - Level 6 - Hands on After School Math Enrichment program for Elementary age students, focusing on critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and growth mindset in Frisco, Collin County, Texas




Relevant problems and tools

At this age, children are beginning to integrate and apply attained knowledge across multiple educational disciplines.  These learners are eager to engage in more authentic, real-world experiences; where they can apply understandings from a variety of subjects to solve a problem.

Project-Based Learning

Children at this age respond well to inquiry-driven platforms that allow them to apply their natural tendencies to the learning process.

Level 6 students engage in project-based learning (PBL) to solve problems with real-world relevance, not only helping them to learn the content, but also the 21st century skills necessary to thrive in a globally connected world.

Engaging in STEM/STEAM

Children at this age are developing as logical thinkers who are able to answer complex questions and cultivate solutions for problems.

Level 6 engages students in opportunities that foster creativity, curiosity, and a passion for problem-solving.  These experiences incorporate STEAM material into projects to increase the relevance of the mathematical concepts they have experienced.

Developing Agency

Children at this age are beginning to define their sense of self; learning how to rebound from setbacks and build confidence as they welcome new challenges.

Level 6 students engage in activities that require persistence; motivating them to participate actively, build relationships with their peers, and understand how those relationships impact themselves and their community.

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