Growing IQ - FAQ Page - Hands on After School Math Enrichment program for Elementary age students, focusing on critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and growth mindset in Frisco, Collin County, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I enroll my child at Growing IQ?

Growing IQ programs lay the foundation for organized creative thinking and truly open up the potential of the right brain. Children who have been attending Growing IQ for 3 to 4 years have shown amazing growth and cognitive understanding of higher-level mathematical concepts.

Can I choose the Growing IQ level for my child?

Every child is different. Our goal at Growing IQ, is to ensure that each child is placed in a learning environment that will simultaneously nurture and challenge them. New students are assessed to determine level placement and assigned classes according to their current level of mathematical proficiency and learning style, not by age or grade. Learn more...

At what age can my child start learning at Growing IQ?

A child's brain is curious and having your child derive and discover can start as early as 3.5 years of age.

Is there homework at the end of each class?

No, we do not have designed homework assignments. An essential part of the Growing IQ methods is making sure students fully grasp the concepts within the class time itself and parents are provided with the class overview. We do understand the importance of students practicing what is taught in the classroom. We instituted a home exploration option where students are applying the concepts taught in class in a real world context.

How is Growing IQ different from other programs and learning centers?

Growing IQ is an enrichment program and not a tutoring center. We do not provide a short-term quick fix to address "problem areas". We neither emphasize on memorization of arithmetic facts nor the speed to solve a problem. Growing IQ goals are long term and our students grow up building powerful critical thinking and problem-solving skills through rigorous experiential lessons that supplement their experiences in school and life. Learn more about our curriculum...

How does Growing IQ develop my child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills?

Growing IQ works to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the extensive use of experiential learning. Our classes are centered on student engagement in mathematical inquiry, extending beyond procedural understanding. Growing IQ teachers encourage their students to collaborate, create, and come to their own conclusions by providing stimulating, sensory-rich activities.

My child is struggling at school, how can Growing IQ help?

Yes, we can help your child become a problem solver, but the process is long-term. Growing IQ's approach is about allowing your child to experience math and more importantly for your child to discover a concept without memorization of arithmetic facts. We do not emphasize the speed of solving problems. Rather, we encourage our students to understand the process, by engaging them in mathematical inquiries, such as "Why did you solve it this way?" "Can you explain why?"

What is spatial reasoning's role in mathematics?

Spatial reasoning is the capacity to understand, recall, analyze the dimensional (3D) relationships among objects, and draw a conclusion with the available information. The focus on spatial thinking allows mathematics to become more accessible, more engaging, and more importantly, more relevant.

Research shows that spatial reasoning, one of the most important predictors of achievement in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Young children, especially in the primary and early elementary school levels, are better at visualizing spatial relationships and tend to develop stronger arithmetic abilities.

At Growing IQ, a large part of the learning process incorporates 3D manipulatives and focuses on teaching children ways to break down problems and process information. Spatial reasoning is part of our unique curriculum, that focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning.

How can I schedule an assessment for my child?

Please contact us or fill-in our trial class and assessment request form.

I homeschool my child, do you offer any morning schedule?

Yes, we offer different class schedules during the day to accommodate all types of students – pre-school, homeschool, public, and private schools. For the current schedule, please contact us.

During COVID-19, what programs do you offer?

Start May 2021, Growing IQ is offering both in-person and online teacher-led interactive programs. Your child will be engaged in our inquiry-based learning experiences to connect material and ideas to abstract mathematical concepts, extending beyond procedural understanding. Choose an online math program(s) to register your child: