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BUILDing A mathematical mindset

Growing IQ is a math-centric enrichment program supporting 2.5 to 12 years old children in building strong mathematical foundations and powerful growth mindsets through hands-on learning. 

Math is a universal language and a multi-dimensional subject that requires reasoning, creativity, and connection-making. Everything stems from Math, it is the basis for Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and more. To master complex skills, your child would need a firm grasp of elementary concepts to build a solid foundation.

We want children to understand mathematical concepts deeply and develop the ability to think critically. We encourage opportunities for children to think, try and explore because learning happens when they struggle and make mistakes.

our mission

To create a learning environment where students can develop a passion for learning mathematics, and approach the subject with curiosity, creativity, intuition, and most importantly excitement. We are here to help your child develop a growth mindset, which will provide them with an edge at school and eventually in the real world. We strive to create enthusiastic problem-solvers, big picture thinkers, and math lovers.

Growing IQ - Hands on After School Math Enrichment program for Elementary age students, focusing on critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and growth mindset in Frisco, Collin County, Texas

We are committed to helping your child in their journey of learning. We understand that every child is unique in their way of learning and we are here to develop their math skills while empowering their innate confidence. We believe that a child must first believe in themselves to excel in school and life. Self-confidence is the key to success.


We engage your child in small group collaborative learning experiences helping them build conceptual understanding, mathematical proficiencies, and a love of problem-solving to develop growth mindsets. Math is not about memorization or speed, nor is it about endless repetition.


Your child will develop a positive attitude toward math believing that answers can be discovered, reasoned, and justified. Critical thinking skills are enhanced because your child is actively engaged in our program. 

Growing IQ
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Research confirms that learning is enhanced when students acquire knowledge through active processes.  Growing IQ provides a hands-on, sensory-rich environment that enables students to hone their mathematical thinking skills.

Growing IQ programs start at the conceptual level of mathematical understanding, and expand into procedural and critical thinking; encouraging children to analyze, examine, discover, and take ownership of their learning using various sensory-rich materials in an inquiry-based collaborative learning environment.