Growing IQ is a math-centric, enrichment program for pre-kindergarten to 6th-grade students that allows a child to analyze; discover; examine; and take ownership of their mathematical learning through sensory-rich and collaborative learning experiences.  Our students are engaged in inquiry-based learning experiences, connecting material and ideas to abstract mathematical concepts, extending beyond procedural understanding. We strive to create enthusiastic problem-solvers, big picture thinkers, and math lovers.


Research confirms that learning is enhanced when students acquire knowledge through active processes.  Growing IQ provides a hands-on, sensory-rich environment that enables students to hone their mathematical thinking skills.

Growing IQ Frisco Texas

Growing IQ

If we teach our children everything we know, their knowledge is limited to ours.  
If we teach children to think, their knowledge is limitless.

Michael Baker

Research shows that spatial reasoning is one of the most important predictors of achievement in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Growing IQ focuses on incorporating critical thinking, logical analysis, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills through the extensive use of experiential learning.

Spatial Reasoning and Mathematics 

our approach

While we are math-centric, we believe our methodology spans to subjects beyond math and the STEM fields. Growing IQ works to develop critical thinking Our approach is centered on student engagement in mathematical inquiry, allowing them to experience math and discover a concept, extending beyond procedural understanding. Growing IQ classes are tailored to diverse learning styles by employing the three E's: Exploration, Examination, and Experience. 


Explore mathematical concepts through sensory-rich activities, using concrete materials and manipulatives.


Examination and definitions of patterns, characteristics, and vocabulary related to concepts targeted.


Experiencing, modeling, engaging, and applying understanding of mathematical processes and vocabulary, demonstrating and deepening comprehension.